Cameroon 2009

Cameroon 2009

Friday, January 24, 2014

SBG / SBL Post 3 A Markbook for SBG

This third post on SBG / SBL is one page from a spreadsheet we created to support real outcome/standards based assessment.

In the spreadsheet, each student has their own page.  The master sheet is where we have the formulas, of course, as well as being where teachers enter both the particular outcomes for the course, and assessments they use to gauge student learning.

Note that we acknowledge that not all outcomes should be weighted equally.  This weighting is decided upon by the teacher, consulting the course curriculum document(s), of course.

Most importantly, grades assigned both within the spreadsheet, and at the bottom of the sheet are based on the teacher's professional judgement.  At the bottom, these assignations emphasize most recent/most consistent demonstrations of learning, and may include consideration of a student's conversations with the teacher, and observations made by the teacher outside of summative assessments. (i.e. triangulation of the data)

I'm afraid you'll likely have to zoom in on the page in order to better see some of the detail.

Underneath the spreadsheet page, you'll find an admittedly rough guide for teachers to assign the provincially mandated percentage to the 4 point scale grade the spreadsheet calculates for the weighted outcomes.

It should also be noted that we will often engage in credit recovery for students who have a failing grade at the end of the course.  Yes, a final grade may be failing due to not completing assessments (a behaviour, not a reflection of learning), but we will work to remediate the behaviour (and the grade) even after the course is completed and reported upon.


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